About Us

Since its beginning as a developer and producer of seeds , India Horticulture Pvt Ltd has grown into a leading organization in all facets of horticulture.

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SIndia Horticulture is a truly dynamic company that is highly motivated towards providing Indian farmers, gardeners and landscapers with innovative

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Business Principles

We will be a customer driven organization by: Exceeding customer expectation, • Developing long-term relationships with strategic

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Horticulture is a branch of plant agriculture and is both a science and an art. As an art, it incorporates the principles of design (as in landscaping)

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Plant Breeding Services

India Horticulture employs the latest information technologies, as well as excellent transportation to maintain a wide network of producers, distributors and breeders around India. The Company performs the plant breeding of its germplasm bank in geographical areas of high production, trying to support the sector with high productivity and products following the canons of taste, color and shape of the consumers of the Mediterranean market.      Read more


  • Highly motivating
  • Innovative
  • Respectful of quality
  • Inclusive and team orientated
  • Rewards commitment
  • Based on equality
  • India Horticulture ensures that relevant staff development opportunities are made available to appropriate staff regardless of age, race, religion, employment category, health, marital status, sexual orientation or gender.
  • When employees join India Horticulture, they become part of a team which benefits from a working environment which is emotionally safe, enjoyable, participative and fulfilling.
  • To enquire about employments opportunities with India Horticulture, please contact us via email on: info@indiahorticulturepvt.com

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Horticultural Crops

It is necessary to comprehend the diverse range of crops that are appropriately assigned to India Horticulture. These horticultural crops include:

  • Vegetables (roots, tubers, shoots, stems, leaves, fruits and flowers of edible and mainly annual plants);
  • Shrubs, trees, turf and ornamental grasses propagated and produced in nurseries for use in landscaping or for establishing fruit orchards or other crop production units.
  • Tree, bush and perennial vine fruits;
  • Perennial bush and tree nuts;

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