Business Principles

We will be a customer driven organization by:

  • Exceeding customer expectation
  • Developing long-term relationships with strategic customers
  • Creating new products and new markets
  • Forming relationships with our customers at all levels of our organization
  • Becoming the supplier of choice to the leading distributors in our industry

We are committed to employee engagement, satisfaction and quality of work life by:

  • Making safety our No. 1 priority for all employees
  • Maintaining a safe and clean work environment
  • Cultivating an interdependent environment that provides for self-empowerment and self-regulation
  • Providing opportunities for learning and skill development
  • Creating an environment in which to have fun
  • Paying fair and equitable compensation based on individual and team results
  • Supporting team design with education and training

All employees at all levels of the organization have the following responsibilities:

  • Conducting business in an ethical and legal manner consistent with our Code of Business Conduct
  • Being a role model for the core values of our company
  • Embracing and managing change
  • Promoting open and respectful, two-way communication
  • Encouraging innovation, initiative and calculated risk taking
  • Promoting team design and team development
  • Supporting common goals and objectives
  • Making decisions at the most appropriate levels
  • Recognizing and accepting our responsibilities to enhance and protect the environment, land, facilities and communities in which we operate
  • Developing and implementing company, regional and site best practices

India Horticulture truly believes that its performance is the factor that drives results:

  • Consistently meeting business plan objectives
  • Continuously improving earnings
  • Making growth acquisitions
  • Utilizing capital effectively