Plant Breeding Services

India Horticulture employs the latest information technologies, as well as excellent transportation to maintain a wide network of producers, distributors and breeders around India. The Company performs the plant breeding of its germplasm bank in geographical areas of high production, trying to support the sector with high productivity and products following the canons of taste, color and shape of the consumers of the Mediterranean market.

India Horticulture desires to be in a continuous process of innovation with new developments in plant breeding. To remain at the forefront of innovation, the Company recognizes that it is paramount to manage the knowledge of its human resources through investment in R & D. The products obtained from our plant breeding R & D are intended to be marketed in the domestic area and exported through the transfer of marketing rights and royalties.

Other Services

India Horticulture also conducts various training and research initiatives related to the integrated development of seeds, plants, agriculture products, cultivation. Our Company focuses on the research into the betterment of processing different agricultural, plantation crops, horticultural crops, medicinal plants and aromatic plants. India Horticulture Private Limited also ensures to maintain other natural resources for a sustainable living environment.